Drama Cinderella

drama bahasa inggris 
Once upon a time, there lived an unhappy young girl she named was cinderella. Her mother was dead and her father has married with another women, a widow with two daugters,  her step mother and her stepsister did not like her, the live of snderella was very inproper. Everyday cinderella must work hard.

Stepsister I                   :         “cinderella, quickly here ! bring me a delicius food and

Stepsister II        :         “Cinderella, yours dull, stupid, listen go and take what i
need !”

Cinderella              :         “Yes my sister, iam apologize ! I understand ! “
Stepmother                    :         “Cinderella! wash all exiting soiled clothes there,

Stepsister I                   :         “Cinderella, mop the floors, after we were back from
shopping, all must be finished.”

Stepsister II        :         “Good bye, cinderella !”

          “One day, minister of king came to bring good news, to invite all woman to come at danced party in the palace !...”

Minister I             :         “Excuseme ! I come here to attending at dance party.
Whole taking place tonight in the palace !..”   

Stepsister I&II    :         “Oh, I like dance party with a handsome prince”

Minister I             :         “Ok, Good afternoon.”

          “After that stepsister dressed up for go to it but cinderella couldn’t follow to come to the dance party.”

Cinderella              :         “Can i come to the party ??”

Stepsister II        :         “Yes, Of course, but you must must wash the dishes,
mop the floors and clean the house.”
Step mother                   :         “Remember ! you must do all !”

Cinderella              :         “But, I don’t have time for coming to the party ! “

Stepsister            :         “That’s your Problem. Good bye Cinderella !!”

          “Cinderella cried at night inthe kitchen, suddenly burst of light and a fairy appeared.

Fairy                     :         “Don’t be alarm, Cinderella, Iam a kind fairy now you
must give me a pumpkin and seven mice, quick !!”

Cinderella              :         “Of course, this is a pumkin and seven meice, what can
you do it ??”

fairy                     :         “Look at me !.. sriiing”

          With  a flick of her magic wand, fairy altering a pumkin turned into a sparkling cart, the six mice became six white horses, and the seventh mouse turned into a coach man. Cinderella found her self wearing the beautiful gown.

Cinderella              :         “Owh...surprise, amazing !!”

Fairy                     :         “Cinderella, remember ! you must arrive to house
before twelve o’clock, if is not, !! you will change
change like before, do you understand, Cinderella ?”

Cinderella              :         ”Yes.., I understand !”

          When reaching in the palace, all person which saw her beauty surprised. The prince saw her, then invited her to dance, but all woman was hate seeing them.

Prince                    :         “Would you like to dance with me, a beautiful girl ??”

Cinderella              :         “With a pleasure.”

Stepsister I                   :         “Who is this girl ?”

Stepsister II        :         “Why did the prince select her ?”

Stepmother           :         “All of you, don’t be noise !”

          “When Cinderella dance with prince, seddenly she heard a sound of o’clock precise twelve o’clock”


Prince                    :         “Wait me Cinderella !..., don’t let me go, I LOVE YOU
VERY MUCH....!!”

          “The prince pursued but he found one of glass slipper, then the prince ordered the ministers to find who the woman had this silipper”

Prince                    :         “Go and find everywhere for the woman whose foot
this slipper fits !”

Minister                :         “Yes, prince...!”

          For the following day the ministers went to Cinderella’s house

Minister I             :         “Tok..Tok..Tok, excuseme.., good afternoon !!”

Stepsister I&II    :         “Yes, good afternoon, ohh the minister what

MinisterII            :         “we want to find owner this slipper, who is compatible
to this slipper, can become the prince’s wife !”      

Stepsister I&2     :         “I am..... i am....i am.. this slipper surely compatible to
my foot !!”

Stepsister I&2     :         “Oh...sick !!!”

Cinderella              :         “Can i try of it ??”

Minister I&II       :         “Of course, wow enough ! perfectly ! you are the
owner !”

Stepmother &       :         “What a imposible !”

          “Suddenly, fairy came altering Cinderella’s clothes to a beautiful dress”

Cinderella              :         “Oh, Thankyou fairy !”

Fairy                     :         “You are welcome, Cinderella follow there that to the
palace !”

          “At the end, cinderella was happy and they lived together with prince ever after”